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Ginger & Turmeric Drink
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Triple Shots
1 bottle = 3 Shots
14Cl glass bottle
33Cl glass bottle
100% organic drinks - low calorie - no dyes or preservatives - slow and cold extraction of the ginger and turmeric
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swiss      made / +41(0)76 730 00 55 / Geneva, Switzerland
GoGinger is a delicious organic ginger juice available in several flavors, including 3 ginger shot called Triple Shots. Organic ginger shots are very popular among ginger juice lovers because they are powerful and their flavors are unique.
The entire range of GoGinger Swiss drink contains organic ginger juice and organic turmeric juice. Some flavors also contain black pepper in order to get the perfect ginger juice, turmeric juice and black pepper combination in one drink. A healthy drink that promotes good health.
To order directly from the Shop, click on this link: buy ginger juice
GoGinger, the excellence of organic ginger juice.
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