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Energized water

The Swiss drink GoGinger is made from Alpine spring water (50Cl PET bottle), and is the first drink to use dynamized water in its manufacture (25Cl glass bottle). A unique healthy drink.

Since the human being is made up of 70% water, it seems to us essential that any liquid nourishing the body should be of the best possible quality.

To boost the water contained in GoGinger, and provide our ginger juice with great vitality, we use the Dileka system that restores vitality to the water as if it was coming directly from a mountain stream. The water passing through the Dileka tube is strongly agitated like the water of the torrents which circulates through stones, rocks and waterfalls. Thus water is energized and full of vitality and energy.

People sensitive to subtle vibratory field can feel the effects of such water. They often describe Dileka water as "nurturing, full of life, bubbly, invigorating, sweet, pleasant, special ...". All these qualities can be found in the organic ginger juice GoGinger and the organic ginger shot GoGinger.

Aquabio, the head quarter of GoGinger, distributes Dileka systems in Switzerland and also osmosis systems that allow to consume pure water at home. For more information, here is our website dedicated to water

Eau Dileka

Eau Dileka

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The Swiss drink GoGinger has succeeded in the challenge of making a healthy drink, offering all the vitality to the ginger juice and the ginger shot. A unique healthy drink with the qualities found in GoGinger organic ginger juice and GoGinger organic ginger shots.

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