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Our Story

Gorka Cruz, founder of GoGinger drink, discovered the benefits of the ginger & turmeric roots for the body last century (1999), while travelling in India looking for a better way of life

Then, during in his university years (2002-2005) he started concocting ginger tea during party with his friends. He noticed that with his ginger potion the party were more fun & lively. Gorka understood that ginger is not only good for the body but also for the mind... it bring enthusiasm!

A few years later (2012) while pressing ginger home to sale in a few bars of Geneva, the recipe for a tasty drink with ginger & turmeric juice was invented.

The recipe was very much appreciated by connoisseurs, and to share the tasty drink and bring the ginger’s enthusiasm to more people, Gorka created the brand GoGinger (2015).

A tasty drink, a blend of ginger and turmeric, totally organic with spring water from the Alps.

A year later, GoGinger drink was known throughout the Geneva lake and gradually in the rest of Switzerland.

  And the story continues... with you on board :-)

The team



Adventurer, I traveled the world to discover its mysteries. Deeply imbued with Eastern philosophy, I searched in me for the source of happiness. Explorer of bio-energetic and meditative practices, I understood that the creator's intention is always found in his creation ... that's why I created GoGinger with the most beautiful intention.



Wilson offers to GoGinger the warmth of Brazil. He is a young man very social who inspires optimism. He is active in the region of Nyon and surroundings.

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